Battlefield Briefing - Welcome to Zero Hour

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  • Battlefield Briefing - Welcome to Zero Hour

    10. Juni 2022 - 17:09

    Hey folks! With Season One now out and available to play, I sat down with Senior Producer Ryan McArthur, and Producers Nika Bender, and Alexia Christofi to share some insight into the work we’ve done to bring this new update to life.

    We streamed this live over on the Battlefield Twitch Channel, but in case you missed it, you can watch it back below:


    What’s new in Season 1?

    New Map: Exposure
    Head to the Canadian Rockies and traverse the extreme vertical terrain. Ground-to-air combat as well as tight infantry fights await.


    Black RidgeOn this part of the map, you and your squad need to seize control of a contested military base. Once you’ve secured the area, head to the elevators and move down to capture the interiors.

    Mission OperationsThis area consists of two sub-sections, the tunnel and the server room. The tunnel holds the vehicle elevator which players on wheels can utilize to get to the Black Ridge section. If you enter the server room, prepare for intense close-quarter combat gameplay. From here, you can also take a zipline to the Command Center.

    Command CenterLocated smack in the middle of Exposure, the Command Center is designed to be an intense, highly populated battleground. The area consists of three sub-sections: The Tunnels, The Office, and The Balcony. Tanks can roam the former while infantry troops will engage in the office section. If you’re fighting on The Balcony, expect enemy helis to pay a visit. This clash of armor, infantry, and aircraft will create a ton of memorable Battlefield moments.


    Mountain ComplexThis area consists of two sub-sections, a tunnel and office room. The tunnel holds the vehicle elevator, which the players can take to the monitoring section. The office room supports intense close-quarter combat gameplay and lets you take a zipline to the Command Center.

    LandslideFollowing a disastrous landslide, some of the interior of the research facility has been exposed and the surrounding area has been damaged. This is the lowest part of the valley in Exposure, and it’s vital to stay alert. Watch out for players jumping down from the cliffs. Use ziplines to get to higher points or stay down and hold the space for your team.

    Monitoring StationCapture the radar station in this section to get a good overview of the map's upper area. If you're approaching this control point in a vehicle, use the open spaces. Infantry should use the interior spaces to be safe. The flag at this control point sits dangerously close to the cliff edge, enabling infantry who have just captured the flag to make a dramatic exit. Jump off, deploy your parachute or wingsuit, and discover the rest of Exposure.


    New Specialist: LisA true anti-vehicle expert, Ewelina Lis was born in Gdansk and got recruited into Poland's elite special force (GROM) at age 21. Committed and earnest, Lis is a defiant, honour-bound warrior who can overcome any obstacle (or blow it to pieces.)


    Specialty: G-84 TGM
    Launches a player TV Guided anti-vehicle missile.

    Trait: Armor Hunter
    Automatically reveal nearby enemy vehicles that are damaged or hacked (visible to Lis only).


    Ewelina Lis, pictured above with her GROM anti-air unit dubbed the "Szakale Ogniste" (The Fire Jackals.) Lis is the sole survivor.

    New Gadget: Smoke Grenade Launcher
    The Smoke Grenade Launcher fires a canister that forms a large smoke wall on impact. Ideal for obscuring wounded team mates and denying enemy vision.


    New Air Vehicles: RAH-68 Huron (US) and YG-99 Hannibal (RU)

    RAH-68 Huron
    Advanced reconnaissance attack helicopter. Designed for speed, maneuverability, and devastating low-level CAS. Move in low and fast - and leave before they know they’re dead.


    YG-99 Hannibal
    The top-secret YG-99 Hannibal is the most advanced attack helicopter in the world. If you set eyes on a Hannibal, it is already too late.


    New Weapons: Ghostmaker R10 and BSV-M
    Ghostmaker R10
    An easy-to-handle crossbow that features an integral lever for fast and effective reloading. Deadly, precise and silent.


    The last iteration of the classic Russian rifle features dual fire modes and a powerful integrated suppressor, making it the perfect weapon for clandestine operations.


    Battle PassSeason 1 introduces the Battle Pass to Battlefield 2042.


    Gain XP & Complete Weekly Missions
    Gain XP and complete Weekly Missions to earn the 10 Battle Pass points required to progress each tier. Every week a limited time Bonus Mission is available to unlock, and completion of this mission will provide additional points.


    Unlock Rewards
    The Battle Pass tiers are filled with rewards. Free tiers offer additional Weapons, Vehicles, Gadget and an all-new Specialist. Premium tier rewards include Epic and Legendary seasonal cosmetics.


    Upgrade to Premium at any time to get access to rewards on all 100 Battle Pass tiers, and instantly unlock Premium rewards like the Zero Hour bundle plus all Battle Pass Tiers you have already progressed.

    Year 1 Pass owners who have purchased either the Battlefield 2042 Gold or Ultimate Editions will automatically get access to the new Specialist each season as well as the Premium Battle Pass, without needing to unlock them via gameplay.


    Keep up to date!Make sure that you’re following @Battlefield and @BattlefieldComm on Social Media to stay informed on Season 1, and to learn about further changes that we’ll go on to make this season.

    See you on the Battlefield!

    Freeman // @PartWelsh
    Community Lead, Battlefield

    This announcement may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible.

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